Caring for your Quartz or Granite worktop

Granite and quartz are among the strongest minerals available for your kitchen, but like anything need a little care to keep them looking brand new for many years.

Staining commonly occurs when fluids seep into the material of your worktop and dry, discolouring it. To lessen this we apply a coating to all our stone worktops which reduces the porosity of the worksurface. Naturally this lessens in effectiveness over time and we recommend you use our special wax and polish kit every so often. This is free with every stone worktop we sell.

For cleaning, mild soapy water is usually sufficient. Use a PH neutral detergent to be safe, rinse with water and buff with a soft clean cloth.

Avoid: Abrasive cleaning products, scouring detergents, alkaline and chlorine based cleaners and do not use bleach. Granite will keep it's beautiful finish for much longer without such brutal treatment!

Wipe immediately after: contact with acidic things (for example wine and vinegar)and Strongly coloured foods, (for example saffron or blackcurrant).

Protect work surfaces from hot pans and plates using a platter.

Use a chopping-board. Granite is the second hardest rock on earth (only diamond is harder!) but it will still scratch and wear if steel implements are used on it.

Follow these instructions and your worktop will stay looking brand new for years and years.

Worktop and stone surface repair

Granite, quartz and corian worktops are tough, and with only moderate care will last a lifetime. Nothing though is indestructible, and sometimes a large impact can chip or crack a worktop. We can repair and restore all common materials, bringing you back a flawless finish for you stone surface. Our professional craftsmen can repair, patch or replace any stone surface damage, with these services:

Worktop repair pricing

Obviously each repair job is different and we are happy to take your call to discuss your requirements. Please contact us and we'll repair your stone in no time! Prices will be around the £200 mark, depending on distance to travel and the nature of the task.


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