Stone worktops frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between Quartz and Granite?
Granite is quarried and cut from living rock, cut to slabs and then further cut to shape in our factory. It's finish is entirely dependant on the properties of the rock at the quarry, and aside from polishing and shaping, it is just the same as when cut from the mountainside.

Engineered quartz is made from 94% crushed stone and 6% bonding resin, colour pigment and mirror flecks. It has all the durable properties of granite but comes in a wider range of colours. Because it is man-made, it is easier to keep look as new.

How quickly can you make my worktop?
We promise to install your worktop within 4 weeks of taking your order and once we’ve made that promise we know just how important it is to keep it. Our professional team of fitters will install your worktop and fit sinks and units as required. Installation normally takes less than a day.

Do you make any other types of kitchen worktops?
Yes, we also have a beautiful range of Corian work surfaces. Corian is a synthetic material that is stain-resistant, hard wearing and available in an astonishing variety of colours.- please visit our sister-site for more information on our living rock solutions.

Do you fit the worktop?
Yes, and if you require we can measure it as well. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Please note our craftsmen are not gas or electricity technicians so bear that in mind if you are ordering a new cooker too, for instance.

Can you see the joints when fitted?
We use a coloured jointing compound to match your worktop. Some colours show the joints more than others, our expert craftsmen can advise you on this.

Do I get to choose the style of the edges?
Yes, of course. You can choose between Half Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee, Bird's Beak, square, rounded or box flush. Find out what these terms mean .

Is it easy to clean?
Granite and Quartz is exceptionally rugged stuff and will clean easily with just a little mild soapy water.

Can you supply and fit an undermounted sink?
We stock a good variety of sinks and fittings and will be delighted to supply these also. Please see our sinks page.

How can I get a quotation?
First - measure up and make a little plan with accurate dimensions that we can follow. Then, simply use our online quotation system. It's fast accurate and easy and you could be one big step closer to getting that perfect kitchen. If your job is too complex for the scope of the online system, or if you are considering a bulk order contact us with your requirements.

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