Quartz kitchen worktops

Quartz is a very touch substance, made by mixing resin with rock, giving you the benefits of hard-wearing man-made materials with the natural look of stone. Depending on the mixture of quartzes and resins used, a wide variety of finishes and colours can be achieved.

Quartz is stain and water resistant, heat resistant to 250%deg;c (although we recommend the use of a trivet for hot pans), and because it is a 'solid surface' material (IE the substance is the same all the way through the material unlike laminates) any scratches can be sanded out.

We use Silestone, Compaq, Quarella and Caesarstone quartzes.


Silestone is an excellent quality luxury quartz with some outstanding properties.

Anti-bacterial - Salmonella, Listeria, Stapphlococcus and the MRSA superbug. Microban is evenly distributed throughout the body of the Silestone. It protects the entire surface even in hard to reach corners. the Microban active ingredient will not wash or wear out. Microban technology is exclusively incorporated into Silestone Quartz and provides continuous antibacterial protection that cannot be removed or eliminated during the lifetime of the product. Silestone Quartz is the only world wide patented natural quartz surfacing with Microban protection.

Silestone is a proud sponsor of Fernando Alonso, who next year will be driving for Ferrari in formula one.

silestone sponsors alonso

Quarella Quartz

Quarella Quartz supply us with some excellent surfaces that are virtually maintenance free, a seamless blend of nature and technology. Quarella Quartz is:

CaesarStone Quartz

CaesarStone was the original pioneer in manufacturing composite Quartz materials. In 1987, the company had the revolutionary idea of using quartz - one of nature’s hardest materials - to create a brand new surfacing product by mixing ground quartz with pigments and polymers. This combination enables Caesarstone tp provide worktop materials with excellent physical properties.

CaesarStone has perfected the combination of Breton stone technology with quartz, and it is available in the UK in 24 different colours

Compac Quartz

Compac Quartz combines beauty and depth of quarried natural stone, affordable and with excellent color consistency. Available in 35 colours from a totally natural look to the mirror-speckled modern.


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