Kitchen Worktops Quote Step 1 of 8 - Select colour

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Or pick one of the following colours: Black, grey, white, beige, green, blue or red.
The colours below should be taken as being indicative only, as there are many things that can influence the color you see on the screen.

  • Baltic Brown Granite worktop - beige, £239.85 /sq m
    Baltic Brown granite worktops tone in beautifully with creams and natural wood finishes to compliment a country kitchen
  • Kashmir White Granite worktop - beige, £300.3 /sq m
    Kashmir White Granite, sometimes alternatively known as Cashmere White, is a beautifully interesting granite with a very varied pattern. The Background colour of the kashmir white granite worktops is a creamy off white colour or winter white.
  • Venetian Gold Granite worktop - beige, £306.47 /sq m
    Very consistent light honey colored stone with amber, white, and black flecks.
  • Kashmir Gold Granite worktop - beige, £313.3 /sq m
  • Crema Espresso Granite worktop - beige, £348.4 /sq m
    Crema Espresso is a lusly patterened granite with warm tones of yellow and brown.
  • Golden Silver Granite worktop - beige, £439.73 /sq m
    Cloudy orange haze hovers over oxidation marks with white, brown and caramel hues, while obsidian streaks and mica flakes tease the light. Isolated pockets of crystals add to the rambling movement captured in Golden Queen Granite.
  • Brown Antique Granite worktop - beige, £487.69 /sq m
    Brown Antique is a beautiful granite with a rare glassy texture that really sets this off as a luxury material for your worktop.
  • Saturnia Granite worktop - beige, £533 /sq m
    Black and gold swirls with drops of white and shimmering silver specks


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