Kitchen Worktops Quote Step 1 of 8 - Select colour

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Or pick one of the following colours: Black, grey, white, beige, green, blue or red.
The colours below should be taken as being indicative only, as there are many things that can influence the color you see on the screen.

  • Absolute Black Granite worktop - black, £292.5 /sq m
    The most popular colour in the world for granite, this granite is a solid dense black thats polished to a very nice and smooth finish.
  • Star Galaxy Granite worktop - black, £357.5 /sq m
    Black Galaxy granite has iridescent coppery crystals in a pure black field. It is an extremely durable stone which is particularly hard, this stone has relatively uniform colour and background.
  • Black Cosmic Granite worktop - black, £473.2 /sq m
    Extended in time and space, Black Cosmic Granite has universal appeal. The dramatic movement in this beauty is enhanced with warm neutral tones.
  • Black Beauty Granite worktop - black, £612.95 /sq m
    Stunning stained glass composite of dark red, Gray, green, orange, purple and blue stones trapped within layers of rich sandy Gray silt. Cross section of individual panes exhibit delicate white veins.


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