Kitchen Worktops Quote Step 1 of 8 - Select colour

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Or pick one of the following colours: Black, grey, white, beige, green, blue or red.
The colours below should be taken as being indicative only, as there are many things that can influence the color you see on the screen.

  • Bon Accorde Granite worktop - blue grey, £239.85 /sq m
    Bon Accord is a neutral-coloured relatively even-textured dark granite.
  • Uba Tuba Granite worktop - blue, £279.83 /sq m
    The most popluar of the green granites, Ubatuba is a deep bottle green colour which works perfectly with light furniture. Ubatuba has a wonderful reflective quality, which works well with light surrounding walls.
  • Cosmos Granite worktop - blue, £333.13 /sq m
    A beautiful dark granite with flecks of silver, found only in Zimbabwe.
  • Emerald Pearl Granite worktop - blue, £359.77 /sq m
    This classic dark green iridescent stone from Norway, also known as Labrador Scuro, displays ever-changing light refractions for a dramatic effect. A beautiful dark greeny-black the thumb-nail size pearlised flecks can be greeny gold through to peacock blue.


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