... and don't forget the sink!

Depend on us to make your life easier. We have a variety of excellent solutions for your sink, all perfectly compatible and harmonious with our worktops.

Quality Network & Warranty

Count on us to keep our promises. Our sinks are backed by a 10-Year Limited Product Warranty.


corian sink

For Quartz and Granite

We stock 1810 sinks - which have an enviable reputation for quality and longevity. They feature Insusound® technology which is a coating on the underside of the bowl which dramatically reduces noise from a waste disposal unit, and also provides heat insulation, keeping the water in it hotter for longer.

Corian® Single Fontana Sinks with Stainless Steel Base

Presenting the advantages of having a seamless Corian® sink with the chemical and stain resisistance of stainless steel, an ideal combination for your kitchen.

Use and Care

Of course, Corian® isn’t self-cleaning. Few things are. But only minimal care is required to maintain its good looks. And if accidents happen, it’s a comfort to know that Corian® is non-porous, stain-resistant, durable and renewable.

See this PDF for a good idea of the range of Corian® sinks we have on offer.


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